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The goal of this project, in collaboration with Angsa Lombardia, is to support all  structures that intend to approach this target audience correctly. The Blue Bee is a very rare bee, considered extinct only a few years ago. It owes its color to the preference for pollen from the purplish flower of the Clinopodium ashei plant, a plant native to the United States. Unlike other bees that live in hives, the Blue Bee is a bit of a solitary bee and prefers individual nests to hives. When we started working on an "Autism Friendly" project, we immediately thought of her. "BlueBeeFriend" aims to support companies and, more generally, the structures that have direct contact with clients, on the approach to be followed in managing diversity, with clear reference to autism. For this purpose, we have defined a protocol with a very practical approach on the behaviors to be adopted, in different contexts, whenever we interact with a person with autism. The idea is to offer a 360-degree consultancy which, starting from the training of its staff, can also lead to a reorganization of spaces in order to guarantee accessibility, hospitality and ultimately inclusiveness.

BlueBeeFriend Project Presentation

The BlueBeeFriend project was presented by LORF on the inclusive tourism webinar "Dall’Accessibilità, verso l’Inclusività passando per l’Ospitalità" organized by Angsa Lombardia on October 27, 2020. LORF paid tribute to all the speakers and each of the companies with the honorary BlueBeeFriend, with the hope that each of them may  follow an increasingly virtuous path in the hospitality field, so as to make the tourist offer even more inclusive.

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