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 - enjoy real life, enjoy your friends

Some of life’s biggest questions pose a simple choice: 
“to be or not to be?”,  "science or faith?" "Is it Love or Friends?" is the one we’re interested in. It’s been the inspiration for poets, artists, philosophers and writers. It is a question that cannot always be answered and from which it is not always right to expect an answer. Also because
behind this question there is a brand with important values ​​such as socialization and the correct use of social networks.
loveorfriends: enjoy real life, enjoy real friends. Meet and have fun but in the real world and with real friends. Our brand tells the  the uniqueness of lived experiences in real life and the importance of living in the real world. We do not want to denigrate the use of social networks but focus on their correct use, remembering how nice it is to live the real world. We believe it is important to have on-line friends but we believe it is equally important to give the virtual ones the right dimension. Our brand wants to push people to leave the virtual world to experience the real one with their real friends.



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